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  • IronBelt: The highly durable stainless steel lever takes you to the next level at the gym.
  • In-Box Contents: 1 Power Lifting IronBelt
  • Keep your back safe: Back injuries are one of the most common injuries while lifting, Protect your back from injuries and stay safe with this belt
  • Competition safe: Many buyers of weight lifting belts tend to participate in competitions, 10mm belts are USAPL and IPF compliant. Our belts do not have any tacky logos
  • Strong and durable: Kobo does not compromise on quality, we ensure each belt is made to high standards and the highest quality material, IronBelts are stiff and durable for excellent back support
  • Sizing: Please use size guide to order the correct size, intended to use belly size (not pant size): Small 28-inch-32-inch, medium 32-inch-36-inch, large 36-inch-40-inch, x-large 40-inch-44-inch
  • Stitching: It comes with heavy duty stitching on black suede lining inside and out keeping the belt from sliding on the torso mid-lift allowing you to lift heavier and safer for years to come
  • Usage: IronBelt is perfect to give added support for powerlifting which require you to brace your core such as squats and deadlifts
  • Design: Lever buckle designed lever belt allows quick and easy use of the IronBelt - no fiddling around with the prongs, simply flip it shut straight to your preferred tightness
  • Material: Leather