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It's got your back!

How often have you strained your back while loading/unloading the bar while deadlifting?

We are here to solve this issue and we have literally ‘Got your back’! Loading and unloading plates can take a huge portion of your energy.

IronJack will help you load and unload weights using just 4fingers. So instead of worrying about unloading or loading weights now you can focus on making new PRs.

Deadlift Jack

About IronJack

Durability And Stability :

Mild Steel construction with aesthetic finish which prevents corrosion and is built to last!

IronJacks’s design is precisely developed with a lot of R&D keeping in mind ergonomics, ease of usage, portability and maximizing efficiency.

Protection and Design:

Handle: High tensile acrylic grip with ergonomics design for better handling comfort.

Hook: High tensile acrylic hook which aides in easy engagement with barbells. Also helps support the barbells when it’s loaded and protects the barbell from damage.

Feet: HDPE construction to keep the deadlift jack stable. Teeth at the end of the feet help better grip the floor without damaging the surface/floor.


IronJack is a revolutionary deadlift jack designed to significantly improve the quality of your deadlifts.

The IronJack will hold Over 200 kgs on the barbell and you will be able to lift the entire setup with just 4 fingers.

We are proud proponents of Make in India initiative.

Deadlift Jack