The 2 week fat torch: Emergency Shred

It’s gonna be vacation time soon and you feel so tempted to cross your hands, grab the end of your T-shirt, remove your head off of it and flaunt those abs of steel.But, snap back to reality- abs of steel are actually hidden under fat that wiggles like jelly. Never mind. Put that T-shirt back on. You ask, “Does that T-shirt make me look fat?”

Absolutely wrong. Its the jelly wiggle wiggle fat that makes you look fat. But enough whining. You need to burn those ugly fat deposits down and that too -as fast as possible. What’s minimum time, you ask? You can get it done in merely two weeks. You can look your best in a time of 2 weeks. Is it possible? Yes.

What does it take to get those crisp results? A hell lot of work, blood, sweat and discipline.


This workout and diet plan would leave no stone un-turned, and is going to drain you of all that arrogance and energy. So, if you are weak hearted- call your grandma and have some cookies. I can tell you two things about this plan:

  1. It will give you the body you’ve fantasized about. (You have to do something you’ve never done)
  2. For achieving that, you will have to stop scratching your belly and throw away the bag of potato chips. Get your ass moving, son.

Harden the up. Take pride in what you’re about to undertake. Clench your fists. You are about the revolutionize yourself.


This workout and diet plan is designed to punish your fat and get rid of it as fast and as humanly possible- hence I call it ‘The Emergency Shred’

Main Goal: To lose fat with minimum amount of muscle loss.

Workout type: Push-Pull Split.

Fitness level: Intermediate.

Days per week: 6.

Equipment required: Normal gym equipment. No special requirements.

Target Gender: Male and Female.

Workout Description:

The goal isn’t a myth. Give it your all, and see what you are capable of. The workout is a split, push-pull-cardio type. Meaning- the workout is designed to shock your muscles, and get you out of any strength or muscle-building plateau- if any. What does push pull training-style mean?

Every exercise you do is either a push movement, or a pull movement. Think about it. All the compound (compound exercise is when it recruits more than two muscles) movement, whether it is a pull type or push type- recruits whole lot of other muscles than the other. For example- Deadlifts are pull type exercises. Pull type movement recruit the back and biceps mainly. Bench Presses are push types which recruit the triceps and chest. This is the reason why mostly Chest Triceps and Back Biceps are grouped together. You can see it for yourself. Stash a pile of books on the floor and try lifting it as if you’re gonna execute a deadlift. You will observe that it works your chest and triceps. Also, face a wall and try pushing it as if you are trying to move it: You’ll feel contraction in your chest and triceps.

What do I expect from this 14 day workout plan?”

-I wont beat around the bush. As you sow, you shall reap. Put in the work required and even god cannot stop you from achieving your goal. Be a lazy donkey and feel like a shit kicking loser.

There’s a spectrum of 360 directions in which you can run. But you will reach your destination only if your direction is right. I am here for that. You have set the goal, you have a proper guidance and if you manage to keep your will strong- the world is yours.

This cycle is of two weeks is designed to strip away the fat while maintaining the muscle tissue. During the first week, you’ll shed a substantial amount of body-weight. It is not unhealthy. You’re losing your water weight while maintaining a healthy level of hydration. During the second week, your rate of losing weight will slow down. This isn’t a design flaw- weight loss isn’t an isolated entity- while losing weight, you have to take care of million other factors like hydration, sleep, your skin, maintain strength, etc.

Men should expect to shed anything between 4 kilograms to 6 kilograms and women should expect to lose anything between 3 kilograms to 4 kilograms of fat- provided you follow it with dedication. With the right diet, of course.

Not only people who want to shred, but also people who have been in a bulking phase and want to cut the extra flab can use it to shred. So if you’re ready to flaunt that beach body, lets get moving.

Blueprint of the Workout plan:

Three things that matter the most for achieving your target:

  • Meal timings

If you workout during the am, major bulk of your total calories would be in the morning. The rest of the day you will consume light but frequent meals. Same is the case if you workout in the evening/ night. Major share of all the calories would be consumed in the evening. The idea is make full use of the anabolic window after your workout.

  •  Rest between the sets

The rest between the sets for compound movements should not exceed 120 seconds and the rest for your isolation exercises should not exceed 30 seconds.

  • HIIT cardio.

It is very important to execute this part of your workout perfectly. How to do HIIT? Jog for 1 minute and then without stopping, start sprinting and continue the sprint upto 15 seconds. Do this cycle for 10 minutes. Get that oilve oil out of you.

*About active rest: Active rest is when you are only partially sedentary. For example, going for a pleasant walk, cleaning the house, etc.

Workout details:

Use the skeleton of the workout as your schedule and use perform these exercises for corresponding days with specified rep-ranges and rest between the sets.


Push type muscles worked:  Chest, Quadriceps, Front and medial deltoids, Triceps.

Pull type muscles worked:  Back, rear deltoids, biceps, forearms.

Steady state cardio: 15 minutes of running at a comfortable but exhaustive speed on the treadmill or on road.

HIIT: One cycle of HIIT will be 45 seconds of jogging and 15 seconds of sprinting at your maximum speed. This cycle should be repeated for 10 minutes straight.

Remember, no workouts shows results without the perfect diet to compliment it. Use any one of Ironoid’s Shred diets and you shall achieve the goals that you have set. Best of luck!


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