7 Ways To Amplify Fat Loss


Welcome, my dear reader! Are you tired of your flab? Do you really want a six-pack and flaunt your calves while wearing shorts? Or you simply want to get in shape so you can fit in the dress you’ve got dibs on.

I see you have been looking out for some straight forward and on-point methods to get rid of fat and might I just say that you have made for the correct shore! I will guide you through very basic but most effective methods that have been proven and adopted by many so you can follow a correct path and achieve your goals in the shortest possible time frame.

So let us venture together and help you ACHIEVE!

1.Maintain a good & healthy lifestyle

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The single most basic thing to proceed in fitness is to simply move about. Ditch that couch and fried chips, get rid of the recliner and get a proper chair, don’t drive but walk to your nearby gym, don’t wake up at 10 am and sleep at midnight but be regular by having a proper routine.

One of the most common mistakes I’ve come across is that people tend to complain about not seeing any results when it comes to fitness. That is because they don’t work out regularly and predominantly have a sedentary lifestyle. Going to the gym or doing yoga one day and then sitting idle for the next two won’t do any good! You have to be persistent and follow your regime to get appreciable results. It does not matter if you’re doing it right or wrong (well it does but..), just do it consistently to see any form of change. Correction is a latter part of a beginning and once you’ve begun, continue to improvise progressively. Set your goals and make a list of things you want to achieve. Maintain your focus and be dedicated. Keep a wallpaper on your phone if someone/something inspires you or even stick a picture on your dresser to stay motivated. Many give up when it comes to not seeing results and this occurs due to comparing oneself with the other.

DO NOT COMPARE yourself with others even if it is your sibling or your best pal taking up on this journey. Every individual has their independent set of genes and every human body are different from the other. Even breathing and blinking timing differ from person to person. So embrace this fact and even if your progress is slower than the other, let it be so. Just move around, be active and be motivated. Patience is the key, Rome was not built in a day!

 2.Weight training

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Weight training is an essential part of burning fat while gaining muscle. Now a myth surrounds the fitness industry that lifting heavy weight is generally for gaining bulk, but I’ll tell you that it’s not true. Lifting heavy weights tends to pump more oxygen to your muscle and when this happens, your heart ought to pump fast to provide this boost of oxygen. As a result, your body naturally burns fat to provide fuel for you to workout. Moreover, lifting a lighter weight and doing rep after rep will not strain your muscle and it won’t apply enough stress to develop itself. Don’t be afraid to go heavy on weights. Start with manageable load and gradually gain strength to lift more weight. While cardiovascular exercises are a good way to burn body fat, adding a little strength training will be an added bonus. Research has shown that doing regular resistance training can increase your basal metabolic rate by up to 15%. So a person burning 1000 calories per day can reduce 150 calories more! Gradually this will help you reduce weight and shed fat much faster. Here are some weight training exercises that you can follow and kiss your fats bye-bye!

Arms: Barbell bicep curls, Concentration curls and Preacher curls for Biceps. 15-20 reps – 2 sets.  Tricep pushdowns, Overhead cable extension, and Triceps bench dip for Triceps. 15-20 reps – 2 sets.

 Legs: Free or Weighted squats and Weighted Lunges. 20 reps – 2 sets.

 Back: Lat pulldowns and Compound rowing. 15-20 reps -2 sets.

 Chest: Chest dips and Bench press. 15-20 reps – 2sets.

 Shoulder: Front and Lateral raise. 20 reps – 2 sets.

Just take up weights that you can lift and work with. Gradually you will build strength and go heavier while progressively burn fat.

Be patient and REMEMBER, it takes13hours to build a Toyota and 6 months to build a Rolls-Royce

3.HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

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For most (Including me), running endlessly on a treadmill and cycling miles after miles becomes too monotonous. It’s one of the most boring things one can do sometimes. Now you may wonder whether is it necessary to do cardio? Without much thought, I’d say Yes! Cardio is as important to lose fat as breathing oxygen is to live and you have to do it. You can put on your favorite playlist but the difference is only imperceptible and you still remain unenthusiastic when it comes to crunching distances and get nowhere.

The solution is HIIT!! It’s like a dash of chipotle sauce on boiled chicken, simple but immediately makes it better. Oh, yes and you will see results sooner than you think. High-intensity interval training is adding low to moderate intervals with a high-intensity exercise like running, cycling, kickboxing or cross training. It’s clubbed with squatting, crunches, leg raises lunges and touch-toes. HIIT is considered more effective than plain cardio because the intensity is much higher and you are able to increase your aerobic and anaerobic endurance while burning more fat than you ever could by doing just conventional cardio exercises. Don’t you have much time? It’s okay! 30-mins is all you need. Don’t have access to weights? It’s okay! All you need is your body weight. This do-it-anywhere exercising method will enable you to start your workout immediately. Here are a few combos I’ve personally found very effective.

Combo 1: 5mins moderate running followed by 50 squats. Break for 2 mins. 5mins fast running followed by 50 leg raises. Break for 2 mins. 5 mins moderate running followed 50lunges.

Combo 2: 2mins fast running followed by 50 sit-ups. break for 1 min. 2mins fast running followed by 40 jump squats. 1 min break. 2 mins fast running followed by 30 push-ups. 1 min break. 2mins of fast running and 10 triceps dips. To end this combo, add 15sec burpees.

Combo 3: 5 mins fast running followed by 50 lunges. Break or 2 mins. 5 mins fast cycling followed by 50 push-ups. 5 moderate fast running followed by 30 push-ups and 30 lunges.

This will help you kick start your fat loss regime and you will be happy to see results sooner than you think. Just be CONSISTENT!

4.Cut Down Carbohydrates 

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Fond of eating Pizza? Or those delicious double patty burgers with some sliders even? Some convenient sandwiches to keep your tummy happy while you’re on the go. Maybe you prefer croissants with your evening tea. CUT-IT! Anything with Carbohydrates will make you fat. But wait, don’t slice it out completely. There are good carbohydrates and there are bad carbohydrates and I will explain this to you in detail. There are two mainly two types of carbohydrates:

Simple Carbohydrates: These are also called simple sugars. Simple sugars are found in refined sugars, like the white sugar you’d find in a sugar bowl. If you have a lollipop, you’re eating simple carbs. But you’ll also find simple sugars in more nutritious foods, such as fruit and milk. It’s better to get your simple sugars from food like fruit and milk. Why? Because sugar isn’t added to these foods and they also contain vitamins, fibre, and important nutrients like calcium. A lollipop has lots of added sugar and doesn’t contain important nutrients. This means you consume excessive sugar without any good food value.

Complex Carbohydrates: These are also called starches. Starches include grain products, such as bread, crackers, pasta, and rice. As with simple sugars, some complex carbohydrate foods are better choices than others. Refined grains, such as white flour and white rice, have been processed, which removes nutrients and fibre. But unrefined grains still contain these vitamins and minerals. Unrefined grains also are rich in fibre, which helps your digestive system work well. Fibre helps you feel full, so you are less likely to overeat these foods. That explains why a bowl of oatmeal fills you up better than sugary candy with the same amount of calories as the oatmeal.

Now that you know the difference between both carbohydrates, it’s more likely that you must eat high-fibre (or whole) carbohydrates such as Vegetables, Legumes, Fruits, Seeds, Nuts. While fibre cannot be digested entirely by our body, most of the nutrients are absorbed from it leaving your hunger satiated. If you really want to spice up your ‘Healthy’ carb intake then necessitate Barley, Quinoa, Whole-Wheat Pasta, Bulgar, Wheat-Berries and for the movie lovers, Popcorn.

 5.Increase your Protein Intake

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Proteins!! They are our best friends. What helps build muscle? Proteins. What helps lose fat? Yes, Proteins. They are large molecules consisting of amino acids which our bodies and the cells in our bodies need to function properly. Our body structures, functions, the regulation of the body’s cells, tissues and organs cannot exist without proteins. The human body’s muscles, skin, bones, and many other parts contain significant amounts of protein. In fact, protein accounts for 20% of total body weight. Enzymes, hormones, and antibodies are proteins.

Proteins also work as neurotransmitters and carriers of oxygen in the blood (haemoglobin). But how does protein help lose fat is what you might ask. Let us understand how. Consuming protein curbs your mental state for hunger. The human brain determines when and how much to eat and these signals often depend on the hormones released due to hunger. High-Protein intake increases the satiety hormones (GLP-1, Peptide YY, Cholecystokinin ) while reducing your hunger hormone ghrelin. So increasing the intake of protein will reduce your hunger hormones. Because of this reduced hunger, you automatically eat less and consume lesser calories, ultimately burning more body fat. Protein also has profound effects on your metabolism as well. Compared to carbohydrates which make your body burn fewer calories, protein makes your body burn more calories in digestion. Due to this thermic action, your body naturally has a higher metabolic rate. So you tend to burn fat collectively. Also, protein builds up metabolically active muscle which reduces your body’s fat storing capacity. Sources of Proteins can be a regular intake of Fish, White-Meat (Poultry), Milk and Eggs, Beans, Pork Tenderloin, Soy, Lean Beef, Cheese, Yoghurt, Turkey Breast, Yellowfin Tuna, Light Tuna, Sardines, Dried-Lentils, Peanut butter, Mixed nuts, Quinoa.

Other sources of proteins can be Protein supplements like Whey Protein, Casein Protein, Pea Protein Powder, Soy and Hemp Protein and Vegan Protein Power blends Try to increase your protein intake in your daily diet, eat fresh, and I’m pretty sure you’ll lose all that fat.

6.Eat fibre-rich foods

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Alright, let’s be honest. We all at some point in our lives have hated many vegetables, or any fibrous food simply because it didn’t taste all that good. We have all hid broccoli and avoided lima beans. While some picked different vegetables to loathe upon, we remove the orange’s white skin and eat the pulp instead. We find chances to avoid and eat these fibre-rich foods. BUT we shouldn’t! Foods rich in fibre provide one of the most effective environments inside your body to LOSE FAT! Besides losing fat, fibrous foods are known to fight against cholesterol, heart disease, colon cancer, and diabetes. That being said, there’s not one practical reason why one should avoid eating fibre-rich foods. But what exactly is fibre? It is a plant-based nutrient, generally in vegetables which is also called as Roughage which is a type of carbohydrate. But unlike conventional carb, it cannot be broken down into sugars. It’s relatively the same while in digestion and does not actually get digested. Now there are two types of fibres,

Soluble Fibre: This type of fibre is the one that absorbs water and turns into a gel-like mush inside your gastrointestinal track. It passes through your track smoothly and makes your stool soft. These fibres are found in barley, fruits, avocados, beans, peas, and oats. Soluble fibre also keeps your stomach full for a longer period, thus making you feel less hungry and reducing your food intake and burning fat from your body involuntarily.

Insoluble fibre: These are fibres that exactly are Roughage i.e. the tough to chew matter generally found in grains, nuts, fruits, and veggies (skins, seeds, stalks). These do not mix or dissolve with water and hence are tagged as insoluble fibres. Unlike soluble fibre, this fibre does not get absorbed into your blood stream, it just adds bulk to your digested food to help aid better motions and prevent constipation. Some fibre-rich foods are berries, avocados, split peas, lima beans, broccoli, coconut, figs, artichokes, peas, okra, brussels sprouts, turnips, lentils, black beans, barley, pearled barley, and oatmeal. These can be added to your daily diet with a variety of meals like beginning your day with oatmeal breakfast with chopped fruits and berries. The list of combinations is infinite. Make your own combos and enjoy.

So, there is no rocket science going on here. The way fibre functions is that it makes you feel full for a longer period and you tend to eat less, hence burning fat as the body burns stored fat for fuel. Just make good friendship with fibres now, they will help you get rid of your flab! HAPPY FIBRE WEEKDAYS!

7.Ditch Junk Food

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Here were are, to the last but most important point of the day. Ditch junk food! I know you crave for junk food, I do as well. Pizzas, pasta, burgers, burritos, taco and cheesy dips, popped caramel tarts and Nutella chocolate cakes. This makes us drool just by mentioning. And there’s no doubt we all find it hard to control. But, is tasty food a good bargain for good health? Obesity, cholesterol, diabetes, heart diseases, digestive and GI infections are invited when we feed ourselves with delicious junk food.

Most of it constitutes to a slower metabolic rate, increased hunger, and want of more and more food. You tend to eat more than you should and gain fats at a dangerously faster rate. For starters, It takes 1 session of HIIT workout followed by moderate weight training to burn about 400 calories approx. That’s 2 scoops or 4 tablespoons of Nutella chocolate. It’s easy as the breeze to gain calories but it’s very challenging to burn them. Set a proper diet, avoid over eating. Like I explained in the above section ‘Increase your protein intake’, this will help you curb your hunger and by eating fiber rich foods it will be much easier to feel full and not want to eat more.

Set proper timings. Eat a healthy oatmeal breakfast in the morning, eat nuts before lunch when you feel hungry, eat a good filling high protein and high fiber lunch so it’ll keep you full till evening. Drink your usual tea and milk but avoid fancy cakes or croissants. End your day with a light but nutritious dinner with salads or light clear soups. Reward yourself on a cheat meal day, indulge in whatever you feel like and enjoy, but just one meal! Make it on a lunch as you have the day for good digestion. Working out is just 50% of the fitness game, the other half can only be controlled by a healthy diet. Just let go junk and gift yourself a good fit body. You deserve that.

So let the fire burn, take up this challenge and beat your own goals daily. Gradually you’ll come out in flying colors. Follow these 7 golden steps and kiss your fats bye-bye!


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